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Ready to play padel?

Both existing and new Weybridge Padel Club members can book a court or play a game using the Playtomic app. Plus, you can join a game with similar standard players in the local area whether they are members or guests!

Simply download Playtomic via the App Store or Google Play – it’s free to download and free to use!

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Become a Weybridge Padel Club Pay as You Play Member for £60 and then only pay a court fee of £7.50 per person instead of £15 guest fee per person.

All ages and abilities are welcome from complete beginners through to club players.

Click the button below to download more information on membership and court fees.

When you’re ready to join, you can do so via the Playtomic app which you can download for free via the App Store or Google Play.

Here, you can find more information about becoming a member and how to pay fees, so that you can get on with the game!


The great news about being a member of Weybridge Padel Club is that you have access to Bannatyne’s as padel club members can use the club’s cafe for refreshments and their toilet facilities. Plus, you can get discounted membership to join their gym and spa!

To find out more visit the website.


EzeePadel is now taking bookings at Weybridge with our qualified, experienced coaches who are ready to help you improve your game!

We have coaches for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels – let us introduce you!

Peter Crossman – Padel Coach

Why do I love padel? I find the fast-paced rallies, the cheeky shots off the walls, and the strategic teamwork make it a blast to play.

Plus, it’s just plain fun to be on the court, passing on the padel fever!  It’s also a fantastic way to bond with friends, stay active, and master new skills.

But my love for padel isn’t just about playing; I’m also passionate about coaching it. I am in the process of completing my LTA Padel Level 2 Coaching Qualification and so want to spread the padel fever and help others discover the joy of this amazing sport. It’s not just about hitting a ball; it’s about building friendships, staying active, and having a blast on the court.

I can help you…

… learn the correct technique and how to master the basic Padel tactics.


  • HelloPadel Academy Bronze Padel Coach since August 2021
  • LTA Padel Instructor Course attendee since July 2022
  • Various CPD Courses – The Padel School and Toby Bawden
  • Level 3 England Squash & Racketball Coach since March 2003

Jo Robinson – Padel Coach

Padel is a huge part of my life. I first played 15 years ago on holiday in Spain and qualified as a HelloPadel Academy Bronze Padel Coach in August 2021 with legendary International Padel Coach, Mauri Andrini, and I’ve been coaching ever since.

Not only do I love playing padel to keep me fit and healthy, I can help others to bring the joy of padel into their lives, whatever age or ability level they are.

I am currently completing LTA Level 2 Padel Instructor Course and have also attended various LTA padel courses such as Intro to Padel, Coaching Kids Padel and various Padel School workshops.

I love competing in internal club padel leagues as well as Ladies and Mixed iPadel and Surrey Padel Leagues. I’ve now caught the bug for playing in one-day padel competitions locally and nationally.

I can help…

  • Teenagers and beginners of all ages wanting to learn the basics
  • Improvers wanting to learn more about specific shots or tactics
  • Intermediates wanting varied drills and pressure basket feeding


  • HelloPadel Academy Bronze Padel Coach since August 2021
  • LTA Padel Instructor Course attendee since March 2022
  • Various CPD Courses – How to Coach Doubleglass, Coaching Kids Padel, etc.
  • Level 2 Squash & Racketball Coach & former London/Surrey Community Squash Coach
  • Surrey County and Leagues squash and racketball player
  • Level 1 Tennis Coaching Assistant & Cardio Tennis Coach

Karl Newland – Padel Coach

I am an experienced rackets player and coach with specialisms in tennis, paddle tennis and squash. Ultimately, I am happiest when I am on the court playing and coaching.

Holding a BSc, PGCE and Med, I’ve been running my own tennis coaching company for many years, where I coached pupils and adults from beginner to county standard, before combining a love of coaching with a successful teaching career in both state and independent sectors.

I can help…

  • Beginners of all ages
  • Anyone wanting to improve their game
  • Increase the level of standard that you want to play at
  • Teach individuals or groups!

Claire Pollard – Padel Coach

Why do I love padel?

I have had racket sports in my life since I was a child having played tennis to a National level as a junior. I made the switch to squash and racketball after having children and have represented my club in Surrey for the last 15 years. I find padel a perfect blend of all of them.

However, unlike tennis and squash what I love about padel is that you can get four people on court of varying standards and after a short while have a great game.  There are such a variety of shots to master, plenty of strategy and you can have lots of great rallies and laughs.

I want to pass on this passion through my coaching and watch others pick up the padel bug. I have yet to meet anyone who has played and not wanted to come back for more!

I am in the process of completing my Level 2 LTA Padel Coaching Qualification which I hope to have completed by the end of April 2024

I can help all abilities to

  • Learn and master Padel techniques and strategy
  • Take your game to the next level whether with 1:1 or group lessons
  • Have fun on court, meet like-minded people and stay fit and healthy


  • Level 2 LTA Padel Instructor course attendee since Sept 2023 – due to complete April 2024
  • Level 2 England Squash Coach since 2020


Weybridge Padel Club frequently takes part in friendly inter club matches which will continue, we will also be introducing competitive leagues, annual club championships, social club sessions and other events such as exhibition matches, padel clinics with top professional coaches and organised padel tours both at home and abroad!

Stay up to date by signing up to our newsletter here and keeping an eye on our news pages for more information.

Padel Parties

Why not celebrate a birthday or special occassion by getting together with friends and challenging them to a Padel match?

Contact us for more information.


We welcome the opportunity to help promote relevant local businesses looking to provide their services to our affluent members.  We can discuss and create bespoke packages to help achieve your objectives for an agreed budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your opening times?

Mon to Sun 7am to 10pm. Times may vary during holiday seasons, so please check our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates – why not give us a follow while you’re there?

Can I hire rackets and balls?

Yes you can! We lend out equipment on an honesty basis in exchange for a £5 donation. Contact us to make payment and we will book out your hire.

Where can I find more information about the type of memberships on offer at EzeePadel Weybridge?

You can download our membership information here: Weybridge Membership Fees & Court Costs.

Do you offer annual membership?

At the moment our quotas are full for annual memberships so we have discontinued them for the time being. If this changes, we will communicate with our members in good time.

Can I play if I don’t have other 3 players to join me?

Yes you can, but you may pay a higher court fee. You could also consider joining in with others in an open match if you don’t have 4 players. You will find these in Playtomic, or, you could join our WhatsApp group to see if anyone has any spare places.

What is the cancellation policy?

Courts can be cancelled in Playtomic, however, this must be at least 4 hours before your booking is due to take place. We see this as fairer to our members than the previous 24 hour policy, however, we do expect members to make a call in good time if they wish to risk playing in wet weather.

What happens if I need to cancel after the 4-hour deadline has passed?

Please note this is a hard deadline applied automatically by Playtomic so we cannot change any bookings after that deadline is passed. You will still need to pay for your match in the usual way. Where there are exceptional circumstances contact us and we may review your case at our discretion, but this is not guaranteed.

Why am I being charged an admin fee on my court? 

If you are booking an open match, Playtomic applies a small fee when paying by card. To avoid the fee, simply pay using wallet credit or cancel the match and re-book it as a private game, where the card charges do not apply. Please note, if you re-book your match, you will need to pay your court fees again becuase you will be automatically be refunded at the point of cancellation.

How many bookings can I make?

Members can have two bookings per day (ideally one peak and one off peak booking) and a maximum of 5 per fortnight. This is to ensure all members have a chance to get access to courts when they need them.

Can I top up my wallet?

Yes! Head to the EzeePadel Weybridge homepage in Playtomic, scroll down to “offers” and select “charge your wallet” with either £25 or £50. Please note, wallet payments can be used towards court fees only and cannot be used for classes or coaching.

Why won’t Playtomic allow me to book courts?

Please check that you have not exceeded the permitted allowance of 2 bookings per day and 5 bookings per fortnight. If you’re still having difficulty, please contact us [email protected]

Do I have to be a member before booking classes?

You will need to be a member at Weybridge in order to join our classes. If you want to join our club, you can do so using the Playtomic app.

Can I book a taster session?

Yes you can! We now offer taster sessions for £10 with our experienced and qualified coaches. Simply send us an email [email protected] to get started.

How can I sign up my son or daughter?

We are now offering family memberships at Weybridge. Contact us to add your child (under 18) to your membership for free, all they will pay is a £7.50 court fee when they play.

Can I have a session with a coach and how much does it cost?

Prices start from £50pp for 60 minutes. Contact us for more details on [email protected]

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