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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Padel Age Restricted

    Not at all! Padel is a great sport for any age and ability

    Can I play Padel as a beginner?

    Yes you can, but practice makes perfect of course! Why not find a local coach near you who can help and find your local padel court to develop your skill set.

    Can I use tennis balls instead of padel balls?

    Padel balls are smaller than tennis balls so that they can re-bound more effectively during play. You might find tennis balls are too heavy or they affect your match – that’s why we recommend purchasing the right padel balls from the beginning.

    Is there correct footwear?

    You can wear trainers to play padel, but the lighter they are the better. You can buy padel shoes which come with specific technology to adapt to artificial grass, for example. We would recommend you doing some research into the best option for you in terms of comfort during play.

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