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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

From the first game of Padel, I was hooked. The great mix of tennis and squash that is super easy for all to play. Highly recommended.

Patrick McCarthy

My daughter's padel party was brilliant for all. Fun games and work out sessions, well organised and something a little bit different! I'd highly recommend a padel party at Weybridge.


I had a great lesson with Karl today 1-1. Thanks so much for organising - the new courts are awesome!

Weybridge member

Easy to pick up for beginners, more so than squash and tennis. Having played racket sports all my life, this is a brand new fast paced challenge in which new shots and longer rallies are appearing each time I play.

Mike Stewart

Amazing to see all the courts in action last night, the place was really buzzing!

Weybridge member

My wife and I were invited to join our friends for a game of Padel tennis not really knowing anything about it. Well, I have to say we absolutely loved it. What a great sport! Despite not being great at either squash or tennis we both found that the skill level required to be just right. All in all a fabulous game and we highly recommend getting involved. Thanks Peter for your sound coaching and fun all around the court.

Patrick and Kim